S7p and IS10p join the IS7 and IS10 two-way, full-range line arrays and IS118 and IS119 subs, with rugged and unobtrusive rigging solutions.



The AV team at the iconic Sydney Opera House is always looking to upgrade and better the venue's facilities. InAVate magazine recently caught up with Jeremy Christian, head of sound AV services, on his choice of MIDAS mixing consoles which includes an XL8, PRO9 for monitors and mic splitting and a PRO2 for the third mixing position in the main hall. Additionally, the drama theatre, studio and Joan Sutherland Theatre are each equipped with PRO X's and the Playhouse with a PRO2! All have been supplied by National Audio Systems (NAS). Read the full installation case study from InAVate here.


Operations Industry Veteran Will Help Improve Client-Manufacturer Operations in Three Synergistic Market Channels

Centennial, CO; September 26, 2016: 

Anew Communications Technology, Inc. today announced it has appointed Renee Gordon as the company’s Vice President of Operations.

Mrs. Renee Gordon will have oversight of the tactical operations of the company and be the primary executor of internal policies, HR and procedures for Anew C.T.  The company has experienced significant growth in both revenue and personnel. “I am thrilled that Renee has accepted this position,” said Nelson Brugh, President. “She shares our values and our focus on superior customer support, and she is well known to be the champion of our integrators and retail store customers. She has proven to be an extraordinary resource during her...


A familiar face is introducing what will soon be a familiar interface. One of those AV good guys whom everyone knows, Craig Richardson has assembled a dream team of other good AV pros who helped him to build ASPI Digital and carry it through an acquisition by Polycom 15 years ago. Entrepreneurially minded since he and the ASPI team began solving teleconferencing echo problems with fine-tuned DSP products back in the mid-1990s, Richardson has now set his sights on user experience with the launch of ...

2015 was a big year with Anew C.T. and Digital Projection. So big that we are excited to announce that we have been awarded Digital Projection’s: Heavy Hitter Award! Digital Projection is a digital imaging pioneer and industry leader that manufactures and distributes an extensive and expanding line of ultra-high performance 3-chip and single-chip projection systems. In an announcement made by Chuck Collins VP of Sales for Digital Projection, where he thanked Anew C.T, he stated “you and your efforts do not go unrecognized!  The whole company salutes you and thanks you!” 
When presented with the award, Nelson Brugh, President of Anew C.T. said “Representing Digital Projections for many years has been exciting. It’s been...

On Thursday May 7th we showcased at our corporate office with Jim Groover, Regional Manager of Digital Projection, the INSIGHT 4k Laser for Consultants and Integrators.

The INSIGHT 4K LASER introduces a remarkably bright 4K projection solution for discerning professional, residential, simulation, visualization, signage, worship, and large-screen applications. Venues where both image detail and image stability are critical will directly benefit from both the 4K LASER's advanced resolution and solid-state illumination platform. Additionally, applications where image uniformity is a critical concern, such as venues employing the same content across numerous screens simultaneously, will immediately realize value from the 4K LASER's consistent solid-state illumination performance. In environments where the projector will be installed in hard-to-reach locations, the impressive limited maintenance of the INSIGHT 4K LASER display will save both time and maintenance costs.


Our company just finished a day of training with the executive sales team of LG Electronics on their wide array of LED  Commercial TVs and Monitors.  The LG Electronics line has some of the industry leading technical specifications for LEDs for Digital Signage and Video Walls.  Super thin bezels (3.5mm), 24/7 operation without causing the Yagore effect (permanent burn-in of image caused by static image on LED), 10 point multi-touch surface and outdoor 2000 nits of extreme brightness.  Call your Anew C.T. Sales Director for more information.


In reflecting back over the last 15 years, it does not seem that long.  After serving for 12 years as Global Vice President of Sales for 2 projection companies, when I started this company in August of 1999, I had no idea it would grow to cover most of the western US 15 years later. 

I moved from the Northern California area to Colorado with one manufacturer in my bag.  I knew only a couple of people at a couple of dealers.  No one knew what an Anew C.T. was (many still don’t).  So, I reached out to the Infocomm industry in letters (yes, they were used in 1999) to see who might be interested in hiring me for a independent representative.

Fortunately a few gave me a chance.  From that one line the company has been blessed with wonderful employees, gracious dealers and consultants and long-term manufacturer clients. 

Thanks to the dedication of many of the employees over these years, we have weathered the storms of recession and continue to thrive in the...


We are thrilled to announce our new strategic relationship with LG Electronics Commercial Displays.  LG HE B2B Division is committed to offering comprehensive and indispensable technology solutions with the latest digital products and features tailored to the particular requirements of commercial environments. Our dedicated team of sales managers, application engineers and customer support staff in addition to our strong business relationships with major distribution partners nationwide give us the logistical capability as well as the service and program support to serve customers in Hospitality, Healthcare, SMB and Vertical Markets.

LG provides access to some of the most advanced and flexible digital products and accessories in the market. Each commercial product functions as an integral component within our business solutions and is fully supported by LG’s network of dealers and distributors as well as our in-house...

By Kirsten Nelson On March 03, 2014 - AV Network Newsletter

While the U.S. frets over the loss of incandescent light bulbs, bemoaning the loss of warmth and color in their fluorescent replacements, there comes a great beacon of hope.
From beyond the horizon appears a new light source so efficient it promises 20,000 hours of life, so bright it measures 10,000 lumens, and such significant depth of color as to make memories of lamps fade away forever.

Truth be told, it’s not a light bulb we’re talking about here, but rather a projector. But the rest of the hype is real. Digital Projection International (DPI) has once again clicked in at “first” with the launch of its HIGHLite LASER WUXGA 3D projector.

At the U.S. debut of the product, held in Atlanta, GA on February 26 in an event concurrent with InfoComm LIVE, DPI execs weren’t the only ones boasting about the bright laser imagery that served as both centerpiece and backdrop for a party at the...