Digital Projection E 8000 Series

Digital Projection, an Emmy® Award-winning manufacturer of high-performance projection systems, is pleased to introduce the E-Vision WUXGA-8000 – the newest product in our high-brightness, high-value projection line.  As the first E-Vision display to include advanced Image Warp & Blend capabilities, the E-Vision WUXGA-8000 serves as a remarkably capable projector benefiting from the imaging fidelity of Texas Instruments’ DLP® technology.  With numerous lens options, user swappable color wheels and advanced color controls, the 8,000 lumen E-Vision 8000 continues Digital Projection’s legacy of developing powerful, efficient displays for every commercial application imaginable.

Weighing in at just 24 kgs, the dual-lamp E-Vision 8000 employs the latest in Texas Instruments’ 1920 x 1200 dark metal DLP® technology to deliver 8,000 lumens and up to 2400:1 contrast.  Robustly built and ultra-quiet, the E-Vision 8000 is an unmatched solution for corporate boardrooms, conference venues, Houses of Worship, digital signage, and any other application needing bright, accurate imagery at an remarkably accessible price point.

The E-Vision 8000 delivers high performance features as well as a compelling price.  A variety of fixed and zoom lens options gives the E-Vision 8000 a flexible throw ratio range of .76:1 – 8.26:1.  Swappable color wheel options allow the integrator or the end user to easily install the color wheel that provides the best balance of lumens and color depth to complement their application objectives and venue lighting conditions.

Other key benefits of the E-Vision 8000 include:

-Image Warp & Blend capabilities.

-Advanced video processing featuring class leading de-interlacing with SD and HD sources processed using auto 3:2 and 2:2 extraction.

-7 user-selectable inputs, including HDCP compliant DVI, plus option slot.

-Up to 10 Bit color for high greyscale performance/exceptional color depth.

-Easy to change, user swappable color wheels.  Changing color wheels is achieved in minutes.

-A range of precision optics with extended lens shift enable unsurpassed installation flexibility and optical performance.

-Rugged and capable lens mount, provides motorized zoom, focus, horizontal and vertical lens shift.

-Dual lamp design provides high brightness with lowest cost of ownership. Each set of lamps can deliver up to 5000 hours of operational life, when operated in sequential eco mode.