Atlassian Cloud Migration

In recent years, more companies have accelerated their move to the cloud and adopted innovative ways to operate their businesses. When migrating to the cloud, you must understand what you will do when you move your services to the cloud.

Moving to the cloud is a collaborative effort between the solution partner, Atlassian, the marketplace partner, and businesses. The production migration allows users to enjoy free tools, support, and resources to ensure you are on the right path. Read this work-life blog to learn more about Atlassian cloud migration.

Why Migrate To The Atlassian Cloud?

Here are some reasons why you should consider moving to the Atlassian cloud.

Scale faster and more affordably

Most businesses plan to grow, but you will encounter significant incidents such as stressed-out teams and unhappy customers on your source site if you don’t have the right technology. With cloud migration, you will grow much faster and more affordably than on-prem servers.

With Jira cloud migration, your enterprise has access to infinite resources. You can scale vertically and horizontally and not experience lengthy, expensive approval and scaling processes.

Additionally, the cloud migration process scales automatically to meet your demands. With Atlassian Cloud, you will remain secure as you grow through rigorous security testing and other best practices.

Increase profits and lower costs

Atlassian cloud migration is an excellent service for any small business aiming at lower costs. You will reduce the cost of major incidents because you will outsource services to your cloud vendor.

If anything happens to Atlassian products or services, the cloud migration assistants will handle it quickly and without additional cost. The vendor is responsible for all tasks, meaning your IT team will have a competitive advantage.

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Additionally, there are no hidden operational and physical costs and you will offload the cost of scaling. Using automatic scaling options, your computing power fluctuates according to demand. This means the system will scale down when app data slows down, saving you money.

Improve speed and performance in the cloud

The more complex your enterprise, the more performance matters, which is one of the reasons you should consider moving to the cloud. Confluence cloud migration offers an uptime guarantee, cloud migration assistance, faster product development, and more.

To improve speed and performance, the computing power in the data center scales up as high as needed to handle fluctuating spikes. With Jira site import, your small business can streamline internal processes, improving speed and performance in the cloud.

Improve productivity in the cloud

Moving to the cloud helps improve your company’s productivity. A study by Office 365 reported that 80% of IT professionals who moved to the cloud significantly improved productivity.

Cloud services allow you to outsource most tasks and pre-migration checklists to vendors. This frees up your IT team, allowing them to focus on the highest priorities for your business.

The cloud provides better transparency and collaboration because teams are better connected. This makes it easier for app data migration and you can move work from one device to another.

Future-proof your teams in the cloud

Cloud-to-cloud migration gives you access to some of the latest features rolled out regularly that your team can keep up with. Security upgrades ensure that your systems are security compliant and they abide by the latest industry regulations.

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Jira service management ensures that there are bug fixes or product improvements to reduce the introduction of new bugs. If something does not follow the platform roadmap, it will be much easier to change it and limit its impact.

Finally, Atlassian product developers enhance the cloud with immediate security, automated scaling, and feature upgrades at the destination site. This allows them to make necessary changes and embrace new features to improve their workflows without navigating through lengthy approval processes.

Who Is Atlassian Cloud Right For?

Atlassian apps trust allows users to choose software that meets their team needs and size. Here are some of the Atlassian packages for enterprises:


This package is ideal for small teams and it includes 10 users in Jira and Confluence, 3 agents in Jira service management, and 2GB of storage.


This plan is suitable for small and mid-sized businesses with up to 10,000 users and 5000 agents in Jira service management.


This plan is ideal for growing companies and it has unlimited storage, 24/7 migration assistant support, and additional product features.


This plan is for an enterprise company with unlimited storage, unlimited instances, guaranteed uptime, and Atlassian access.