Revolution Acoustics

Revolution Acoustics


Revolution Acoustics is changing the way you think about loudspeakers. While others promise ‘immersive audio’, Revolution Acoustics truly delivers it through constant-SPL, completely consistent audio coverage throughout the listening space. SSP6 Multiducers take transducer technology to the next level, bringing a more compelling audio experience to users. With their high power handling, superior fidelity and outdoor-rated design, these invisible speakers give you an outstanding, immersive, audio experience. Revolution Acoustics is also disrupting the sound masking channel – SSP6 Multiducers have been shown to deliver the uniform, constant signal required for sound masking, using far fewer units than would be needed with traditional emitters.

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September 1, 2019


Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Montana, New Mexico, Northern California, Northern Nevada, Southern California, Southern Nevada, Utah, Wyoming

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