Sales Strategy

Teamwork, Persistence and Effort Leads to Successful Sales

In sales, there are no easy shortcuts to sales success for our manufacturers. To achieve that end goal requires looking at the AV dealer/integrator channel, the AV design engineering consultants and their unique strength. The dealer and the AV Consultant have clearly defined needs and ways of interfacing with manufacturers. The Sales Strategy for our client-manufacturers is to utilize our deep and long-standing relationships to help drive sales. Win their trust through honesty, integrity and delivery and you have a partner who will support and sell for years and years.

The customer buys from someone they know and trust

The AV dealer/integrator in our territory has direct and personal relationships with thousands of key AV end users that specify and purchase AV gear. They have these personal relationships because they are long-term, repeat customers. This means they try to recommend and sell what they believe the customer needs, not a brand of product usually. AV Consultants also have tremendous influence with the end user and architect as to what products should be purchased and installed.

The dealer buys from someone they know and trust

The AV dealer/integrator frequently sells what his customer asks him to supply. Sometimes the customer wants a specific brand for a specific reason. Yet, often the dealer has the ability to select the products to install. It is then this rule applies: the dealer most often will specify the products he is comfortable with performance and comfortable with the local support. They still buy from the Sales Representatives that the see consistently walk through their door and offer the best field support.

Anew C.T. knows our customers

Some dealers are audio centric, IT centric or video centric. Some focus on broadcast or studios, large venue productions, IT/VOIP infrastructure with AV capability, House of Worship, Command Control, Education and Classrooms, Stadiums, Sports Bars, Digital Signage. We know markets each integrator considers their core. We have professional relationships vertically with the integrator staff. We can have dinner with the owner/GM. hold sales training for the sales team and provide hands on training for the installation crew.

AV Consultants control 25% – 35% of all AV hardware/software purchased

This piece of the Sales Strategy is critical. These consultants are hired by architects, engineering firms and the end user. They are technical and very competent in their knowledge of AV and IT infrastructure. It takes close relationships with this selective group to gain entry to present and to prove the value of specifying a brand. Key to know here is they are hourly compensated so our Sales Strategy is to Never Waste Their Time and only see them when we have something they will consider valuable or important.

Anew C.T. Sales Strategy

  • Learn the manufacturer’s product technically and from the manufacturer’s marketing position in the market, both perceived and real
  • Present and demonstrate to the AV Consultant Community
  • Define the best possible dealer/integrators based on the client’s product and its field applications
  • Present and demonstrate to the dealer/integrator
  • Secure the relationships for the clients with the dealers
  • Respond immediately to field sales opportunities or product problems to assure the dealer “we are on it”
  • Measure and track sales performance
  • Communicate on-going opportunities, obstacles and problems to the manufacturer
  • Make sure all personnel in the dealership know what they need to know
    • Sales personnel (inside and outside) need to know key talking points and competition differentiation
    • Engineers need access to CAD drawings, technical specifications
    • Installation staff needs to be trained on how to install and what to look out for
    • Purchasing needs to have direct contact with the right inside sales personnel
    • General Manager or Owner should have access to the right level of management at the manufacturer
  • Ongoing sales training, technical supports to continue strengthen the relationships for the clients and increase sales